2019 and it's process

Well, it has been a while since I put anything up here, with any meaning.

My work flow exploded this year, after a suicide attempt, I have to add.

During this failed attempt to end my life, instead I reconnected with the kid in me,
that guided me trough this whole journey, from this attempt, up to this day feels a bit like Modigliani's search for meaning, where the kid in him is found again, just playing around,
making it all right again, to live, to be, to exist.

It's a very strange thing to realize, experience, ...this whole process.

Not that I advocate suicide attempts, but I just can't shake away it's relevance, this whole process:

to seeing, feeling your inner child to be evoked again,
to reignite life itself

...a V from vendetta experience (or very similar) to say the least:

Since then, an explosion happened with works, experiences,

laughter also,
very similar with early experiences,

seeing my goals being achieved,

for instance on climate change change, and…

José González - Let It Carry You (Official Music Video)


recent insights

I often describe things more recently as;

for instance as an atheïst, that needs God so badly, to prove that he does not exist,

a rationalist that needs chaos, to prove it's own uncertainty towards more flexible thinking

or as Watts tried to say: prickly and goo :-))

ying and yang

and the thing rolls on and on ...

while no one can seem to grasp the answer ...

looking at my results of the last few years ...

1.75-2-3 tonns of co2 yearly ...
in an avarage environment of 8-11 tonns ...

I just can't help it ...

at your service :-)

Massive Deadly Heatwaves: A Consequence of Abrupt Climate Change


Interview with Jennifer Hynes - State of the Climate